Written By Casha Doemland

June 29, 2018

Being a creative entrepreneur can come with many stressors. Many times you're wondering if your social media following is enough or if you'll have enough money to support your dreams. Instead of worrying your day away, start your morning right by clearing your thoughts and starting the day with a clean slate. Whether you're taking a few deep breaths, catching a wave or ignoring your phone for the first moments, these five small tips and tricks are a sure fire way to kick your day off on the right foot.

1. Meditate.

Breathe in. Breathe Out. Whether you are attending a class, using an app or practicing your own form of meditation, it is an effective way to balance your energy and mind for the day ahead. If you are usually crunching for time in the morning, set your alarm clock about fifteen minutes earlier than usual and meditate lying in bed prior to starting your morning routine.

2. Pen Your Thoughts.

Every morning before you check your phone or roll out of bed, pen your thoughts and anxieties of the day ahead for three whole pages. If you do not feel like writing or simply have no inspiration to, write “I don’t care for this but I was told if I did this every day for a month it would greatly impact my mornings because someone else said it did for them.” Morning pages are not about grammar, spelling and philosophical thoughts. It is about penning down anything and everything you wish for a minimum of three pages and when you have filled up the journal, throw it away. It is strictly therapeutic and not to be re-read.

3. Be Grateful.

Begin every morning by stating or listing three to five things you are grateful for. You can pen it in a notebook, type it on your phone or simply recite it in your head. Whichever you choose, notice how a little bit of gratitude for the life you lead and small things you may not always notice transforms the energy of your day. Additionally, whenever you experience anxiety, anger, disappointment, or anything other negative emotion, do the same exercise. Gratitude is a simple, quick and easy energy transformer.

4. Avoid Screens.

For some, the alarm goes off and the hand reaches straight for the phone, whether it’s to browse social media and check what seems to be a never-ending inbox of emails. Switch it up some mornings, and allow the day to start with zero screen time. Go downstairs and sip your morning cup of coffee in peace, or play a quick game of fetch with your dog. Whatever your life holds, for the first 15, 30 or even 60 minutes of your day, put down your phone, tablet and computer and just be.

5. Get Your Body Moving.

This one is simple and a guaranteed way to clear your head for the day ahead. Simply kick the morning off with a quick surf session, hike, run or spin class. If you don't feel like being that active, stretching for 15 minutes, which can even be done in bed, is enough. Just get your body moving!