Written By Ashley Coffey

May 19, 2018


When visitors arrived in Arcosanti, AZ for FORM they entered the grounds of a self-proclaimed urban laboratory for a festival experience that highlighted the connection between humans and the places they inhabit.

The surreal structures that surrounded the space teleported FORM attendees to a place where humans co-existed with their environment and created low-impact ecosystems. Through music, workshops, and art this three-day event expanded minds by introducing them to a synergistic society. 

Visitors not only experienced music by Aja Monet, Flying Lotus, Daniel Caesar, Kelsey Lu and more, but they also witnessed what happens when the Earth is exalted and inclusion is introduced in an insightful way.

"I come to FORM every year's the only festival of its kind, said festival attendee Mayah H Hatcher. "I think FORM is honing in on being progressive, and that includes listening to the attendees about what/who can make the experience better next year, recycling, composting, cultural programs, live art, meditation, tea ceremonies, etc." 

If you'd like to attend FORM next year, feel free to check out their website and follow their socials so you can be the first to know when FORM 2019 is slated to happen. Until then, you can live vicariously through film photos from this year's festival captured by Hadas and collage-ified by Vanessa Acosta below: