Photo Credit: Vanessa Acosta

Written By: The We Take Note Crew

Tolliver is a soul singer with an ability to cross genres and boundaries with his music. He was raised in Chicago under the guidance of his parents: a pastor and gospel singer. Because of this, some would believe that Tolliver's words should be infused with religious undertones. But upon deeper listening a revival of a more unconventional nature begins to emerge. 

This sound has been ever-present since his debut electro-soul EP, ‘Rave Deep’ was released in 2015. It was produced and written in collaboration with Elephant and Castle, who is signed to genre-bending label Plug Research. The cacophony of sounds that combine on this project are equal parts spiritual and sensual; they make us feel some type of way and we like it. 

Fast-forward to his latest project, "Anti-Priest," which was released October 2017 and that same energy is alive and well. We're not the only ones to notice. Jeff Weiss of LA Weekly and Passion of the Weiss had this to say about Tolliver's overall sound:

"[His] beautiful falsetto can stop you in your tracks and make the hairs on your body feel like bayonets. It almost sounds unholy, as though someone’s hitting notes that only animals with hyper-sensitive hearing should be able to hear. Wild Beasts, Anthony, and Shamir are three of the most adept at floating effortlessly. It’s probably time to add Tolliver to that category."

One look at the video above for "I Gotchu" and it's apparent why Tolliver is one of the artists We Take Note of — and no, it's not just because director Sean Webley found a way to capture consuming a burger more artistically than most fast food chains. Instead, through their collaboration, we were awakened to the fact that big budgets don't make for a breathtaking video. With a talented star and crew, anything is possible.

Tolliver's forthcoming disco album titled, Shiny Brown Flesh, is slated for release in Spring '18. But until then, this southern-food-loving artist will be fine-tuning his falsetto and unapologetically living life. Wanna check out more music by Tolliver? You're in luck, we've got his SoundCloud page for you here: