Design Credit: Vanessa Acosta

Written By: The We Take Note Crew

Ziara Smith is a performer and creator from Garland, Texas. She attended the American Musical Dramatic Academy in New York and California then graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance. 

She has appeared in numerous music videos, short films and web series'. She has even been featured on a billboard in the middle of Times Square. One of our favorite features of hers happens in the video for Odesza's track, "Across the Room ft. Leon Bridges."

The Seattle duo decided to sit on the sideline for this video and let crooner Bridges command the screen instead. In the visuals above, which were featured on Billboard, both heartache and happiness intertwine. Roughly halfway through the video, Smith enters the frame and embodies the memories Bridges has of a former lover. Her dancing, both powerful and passionate, exudes the confidence of a performer born to shine in the spotlight.

This is just the beginning for Smith. She is in the process of starting her own production & dance company called VIZ(-)NERA. Her goal is to continue a career in the performing arts so she can share her artistry around the world. She also aspires to inspire others to follow their dreams.

Some of her influences include: Roya Carreras, Giovanni Allen Christian, Galen Hooks and Kida the Great. 

Word on the street is that she has a few forthcoming projects that are slated to be released before the end of 2017. One of them involves a few groovy gents named B00ty signed to Geffen. The track is called "Funky Sista" and we can't stop playing it on repeat.