Photo Credit: Vanessa Acosta

Written By: The We Take Note Crew

Charisse Christine is a hair and lifestyle YouTuber based in Los Angeles, California. She launched her channel five years ago and has since amassed 115K+ subscribers and over 7 million channel views. Her viewers come to her for advice on natural and relaxed hair, fashion, and tips on how to live a balanced and positive lifestyle. 

Charisse has collaborated with brands such as Nordstrom, COVERGIRL, Barbie, Neutrogena, and Lipton Tea on national campaigns to increase their online presence with millennials aged 18-24. 

Thanks to her loyal fanbase, Charisse has created a solid foundation for herself and has empowered women around the world by motivating them to be the CEO of their own lives. To learn more about Charisse, check out her YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook