Photo Credit: Vanessa Acosta

Written By: The We Take Note Crew

Imani Quinn is an imaginative social entrepreneur who founded and launched her brand SWAJE on June 25, 2016, but began building the company a year prior. Before her dreams for SWAJE were actualized, she taught dance through the Los Angeles school district for four years. This creative spirit is alive and well in her company SWAJE. This multicultural lifestyle brand is focused on creating multicultural awareness through textile design as well as female empowerment through its campaign, “Goddess’ That Give.”

As part of this platform, SWAJE gives back by mentoring young, underprivileged girls. They also donate proceeds from each “Goddess Energy” t-shirt sold to an organization such as Step Up. This philanthropic pillar is important to Quinn’s business and we admire how dedicated she is to making her community a more creative place. As an artist and social activist first-and-foremost she uses SWAJE, as well as her dance workshops and Womens Soul Circles, to foster community collaboration and social activism. Ultimately, she aims to elevate the consciousness of our community at large.

Self-discovery and standing up for what you believe in are both important to her so if you connect with her mission please visit or Imani’s Instagram and Twitter.