Design Credit: Vanessa Acosta

Written By: The We Take Note Crew

Paris is an up-and-coming singer, songwriter and vocal loop artist. She recently returned from performing alongside Seattle band COSMOS as they competed in “Musicology 2017” at Prince’s Paisley Park residence. 

We were first introduced to Paris through Campana, the lead vocalist for COSMOS. After seeing her perform, it’s apparent that there’s something special about her and her voice. She has even opened up for G-Eazy collaborator Marc E. Bassy and Chance the Rapper collaborator Noname

As a young creative she already has the talent and experience to make it in the music industry. Listen to some of Paris’ tracks on SoundCloud before her EP, “Bloom,” is released later this year. Her 90s vibe is undeniable and her songs are the perfect pairing for a girls' night out. Feel free to email us after you've listened to her music and let us know what you think!