The We Take Note Podcast is hosted by Ashley Coffey and features insightful conversations with inspiring people. The creative entrepreneurs highlighted in season one include: musicians, designers, digital content creators, marketers, writers and more. During each episode guests discuss their journey to success and what it takes to make it in the hopes of motivating others to do the same. New episodes will be available every other Tuesday starting September 25.

EPISODE ONE: The Independent Artist/Engineer & The Hip-Hop Editor-in-Chief

In episode one of The We Take Note Podcast, artist/engineer Farrah Fawx fka Audra the Rapper sits down with Trent Clark, the current Editor-in-Chief of HipHopDX. The two discuss streaming platforms, various revenue streams for artists, industry parties in LA and Trent even reviews one of Farrah Fawx’ songs live. 

EPISODE TWO: The Platinum-Plaque Winning Producer

In episode two of The We Take Note Podcast, Platinum-plaque winning producer Mike Free chats with host Ashley Coffey at his home in Los Angeles. The two discuss how the producer is inspired by his friends such as Ty Dolla $ign and his ability to create the beats for “Rack City” & “I’m Different” in 10 minutes.

EPISODE THREE: The Video Producer

In episode three of The We Take Note Podcast we feature Matt Zolly, the Executive Producer and Co-Founder of Snow Beach. During this week's episode we discuss his video production company and the roster of clients he's worked with including Adidas, The Weeknd & Kehlani.

Multitalented Creative

In episode 4 of The We Take Note Podcast we sit down with Vanessa Acosta a multitalented creative who travels the world to get inspiration. She has shot BTS footage for SZA, product shots for Bruno Mars, started her own clothing line Wasi Clothing and also does the graphic design for our site and socials.