By Ashley Coffey
January 30, 2019

Can’t say we were entirely surprised when we were confirmed to attend the opening night of one of the most prestigious events in the LA creative community: the LA Art Show, but we were honored. Especially because this modern and contemporary art display cost donors anywhere from $125 - $250 to attend, but we were granted access for free. We don’t say this to boast, we say this to highlight the fact that we worked hard to build a website like this one and we appreciate that we were recognized by one of the most comprehensive international contemporary art shows in the world.

Since most creative entrepreneurs don’t have the luxury of spending a sizable portion of their food budget for the week rubbing shoulders with artists, aristocrats (artisticrats?) and philanthropists, we decided to do it for you. After zig-zagging down aisles and aisles of artwork, we walked away with some stunning photos by an elite class of artists; all of them left a piece of themselves on their canvas or in their sculptures, photos and installations.

To see the art show through our lens, check out a selection of some of our favorite photos shot by
Jordan van der Weyden.