Design Credit For Both Photos: Vanessa Acosta

Written By: Brittany Chavez for We Take Note

Brittany Chavez is an Afro-Latina based in Los Angeles and the co-creator/marketing director of @ShopLatinx. Founded in November 2016, Shop Latinx is a the first ever online database for Latinx businesses; it is also an accessible marketing platform that features editorial content, business information and more. After quitting her job in 2016, Chavez spent time traveling throughout Latin America when the U.S. political climate was going through a shockwave.

Chavez began to attend rallies and marches that combatted the negativity placed against POC. This is also when she noticed the lack of media representation of Latinx businesses. From that moment on, Chavez and co-founder Raquel Garcia decided to create @ShopLatinx. Within months, the Instagram account amassed thousands of followers and community support from news outlets such as @Remezcla. This lead these two new business owners to create an even larger platform.

@ShopLatinx now boasts a team of four Latina creatives, all whom collectively run the site, upload daily content, create graphics and more. They are headed in the direction of becoming a full-time Latinx-owned marketing agency. So please use the hashtag #ShopLatinx to find some really incredible brown-owned businesses!