When most people receive dick pics (DPs) they don't think, "I should take these images and create an art exhibition exploring misogyny, consent and our patriarchical society." But one millennial is taking a hard look at the role DPs play in the 21st century because chivalry is dead and has been replaced with texts like, "Down to Hang?" and "Wanna Hook Up?"

By: Ashley Coffey
October 17, 2017

"We all think we have come so far but misogyny prevails - whether that be a [DP] in our DMs or a pussy grab from the president." — Whitney Bell

From Weinstein to the White House, America has unearthed a truth many women already know: lewd looks and callous catcalling are a part of life. But the pussy can and will fight back. This isn't a new revolution. Instead it's one that has evolved to include women from all walks of life. 

When these women unite, their empowered energy channels the tenacity of trailblazers like Angela Davis and Gloria Steinem. In today's politically-incorrect environment millennial mavericks help to continue the fight for women's rights. Some of them took to the streets during the Women's March in early January and others, like Bell, created art and found peace by hosting exhibitions about the degradation DPs brings to the digital world.

We're not the only ones to notice Bell.  Some of her other supporters include BustleHuffington Post and ELLE UK. After attending one of Bell's shows earlier this month, we now understand the hype. So we decided to break down our top reasons for supporting Bell in the hopes that you support socially-conscious businesses too. 


Bell's brand Kidd Bell caters to contemporary revolutionaries. Made in the USA, their pins, clothing and artwork are all crafted with conversation starters like "DARE to Resist Racism, Sexism and Homophobia," "Women Don't Owe You Shit" or "Give Women Equal Say, Equal Pay, Everyday." Each piece provides activists with statement-worthy designs that can be showcased when attending a protest, heading to the polls or crusading for liberty and justice for all. 


Not only does she showcase a wide-array of women wearing her designs, but Bell also donates a portion of her proceeds to organizations like Black Lives Matter and the ACLU. As part of her two-day art exhibition, she hosted a panel spotlighting prominent figures in the activist community. Speakers such as Erika Hart — who has been named the "Topless Activist" after proudly displaying her mastectomy scars at AFROPUNK 2016 — were spotlighted. Other speakers included Gabi Fresh, a body-positive blogger who launched a line of plus-sized lingerie and Ashlee Marie Preston who educated Kaitlyn Jenner on the importance of intersectionality.  


Bell hit the nail on the head: women need more sleep than men because fighting the patriarchy is exhausting. Remember that phrase when you're feeling fatigued from the news of yet another person in power preying on women and know there is hope. It can be found at events like Bell's and in the spirit of survivors who brave criticism to share their stories. We must continue to protect and praise these woman who stand on the right side of history. Are you with us?

To learn more about Bell, her show and the speakers she plans to feature at her next exhibition, please visit her site: https://www.thatdickpicshow.com/. You can also check out her unapologetic designs on Instagram before purchasing some merchandise on https://kiddbell.com/.