By Shirley Ju
February 11, 2019

Founded by Adrian Miller, Xyion Inc. is an entertainment research company which specializes in scouting new talent from writers and producers to image makers and artists themselves. Bringing in over two decades of experience in both the arts and entertainment space, Miller has helped jumpstart OBE for Anderson .Paak, acting as its capacitor and manager who also assisted in the release of Malibu, .Paak’s critically-acclaimed second studio album.

From the artists to the fans to friends and family, Xyion’s goal is to empower not only the clients, but everyone involved. Their services include management, brand awareness, licensing, and distribution — establishing a beautiful crossover space with endless opportunities and possibilities.

Aside from musicians, Miller represents individuals like civil rights lawyer Ben Crump, who helps families who has been victims of police brutality (Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin) and minister Michael Beckwith, one of the people involved in creating The Secret. Despite his work load, Miller still had time to plan and successfully host a Martin Luther King Jr. event for the books.

“Adrian has not only been an incredible mentor as far as the biz goes, but an incredible friend who makes sure he sees the vision of the artist, said Dangerboy. “[He] gives you 100% when applying pressure to the task at hand.”

On Monday evening, many gathered in an elevated art space in downtown Los Angeles to honor MLK’s impactful legacy by evoking his spirit through music, poets, spoken word, dancers, African drummers, and most importantly audience participation. Because of the collective power of the room, the event could best be described as a Baptist church service infused with an ancient African ritual.

Adrian stated, “This platform is intended to give artists a safe haven. Although influencers and tastemakers are invited, there’s zero judgement. The fact that artists like YG and Anderson .Paak have graced this stage to go on to their respective greatness speaks leagues to what we are doing.”

Featured artists include: @Ari_Elizabeth26 x @ReignTheArtist x @Vvsaya x @Mereba x @BradTheCreative / Photo Credit: Xyion, Inc.

Featured artists include: @Ari_Elizabeth26 x @ReignTheArtist x @Vvsaya x @Mereba x @BradTheCreative / Photo Credit: Xyion, Inc.

The 4th installment of Mash & Burn, a Xyion event which gives undiscovered artists a platform to perform their music, took place at Delicious Pizza on Sunset. This well-known spot off the strip was chosen specifically to celebrate underground music culture. With its gritty, East Coast hip-hop vibe, Delicious Pizza has become the unofficial spot in LA to host events and kick back.

“Shit was big lit shoutout to Adrian for pluggin’ shit up,” said
Jjuan. “We need more of these authentic vibes in the community.”

In an age where the Internet and social media are at their height, these types of in-person/off-the-grid events are rare. People should cherish them dearly. Especially because of their unpredictable nature - you never know what may happen or who may show up.